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Welcome to Bloomy Support Home!

Here you can find detailed support information and tools for Bloomy's products, including:

  • Knowledge base articles
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Electronics Functional Test (EFT) Module for TestStand



The Bloomy EFT Module for TestStand is a set of tools for electronics functional test sequence development, execution, and result processing using NI TestStand.  It provides out-of-the-box capabilities for hardware and measurement abstraction, operator interface, database connectivity, and other architectural components for automated test sequences.


Knowledge Base, FAQ, How-to Guides


Battery Simulator 1200 and Accessories


Battery Simulator 1200

The Battery Simulator 1200 provides isolated channels to simulate battery sink and source characteristics often used for testing a Battery Management System (BMS). The instrument can be used standalone with the soft front panel, or integrated into a larger test system. Its proper industrial cooling and cell channel isolation allows units to be easily stacked, providing solutions with over 200 channels of simulation capability. The built-in channel voltage and current readback reduces the need for external monitoring equipment.



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