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The EFT Manufacturing OI has many hooks available from TestStand to provide operator feedback. This article describes the process for creating test steps that that allow test sequences to update the EFT Manufacturing OI:

  • Set and Execution message to be displayed to the operator
  • Set progress bar percentage and text
  • Display an image to the operator



OI Control Items

Each OI control item is set by sending a TestStand User Interface Message (PostUIMessageEx method)

Progress Bar Percent

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Progress Text

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Execution Image

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Execution Message

Can be black, blinking, bold red, or bold green

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Using Expressions and TestStand ActiveX Interfaces

The TED Test.seq shipping example provides a utility subsequence, called "__UI Interface Utilities__" which provides several examples for how to send the appropriate UI messages to the UI, using either ActiveX adapters or through expressions (which can be copied into pre- or post-expressions of other steps.

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EFT OI Interface StepType


titleEFT OI Interface StepTypes Installer

EFT OI Interface StepTypes v1_0.EXE


The EFT OI Interface StepType provides a more intuitive way to control the OI through TestStand.

To use the step type:

  1. Drag the EFT OI Interface StepType into your sequence Image Added
  2. Click "Configure Interface" on the step settings tab
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  3. Select the message to send from the dropdown box
    1. Image Added
  4. Enter the information for the selected message type.
    1. Note, most messages can be set using TestStand expressions to provide maximum flexibility
    2. Most messages will also display a preview of the item in the EFT Manufacturing OI

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